Light, Medium and Semibold styles don't work on Font Styles

Hi everyone! I want to report a bug that prevents me to choose between Light, Medium, and Semibold styles of some fonts like Cormorant Garamond (which has different styles other than Regular, Bold and Italic) when I’m in the Font Style window. The Paragraph Style section works as intended and I can choose between those mentioned styles.

Are you on Windows? Can you show a screenshot of the the font Style selection panel?

Does the problem occur with other fonts that have “Other” styles?

On the first screen you can see that I have selected the Light style, but the font is actually Bold.

On the second screen you can see that I have selected the Bold style, but the font is actually Regular.
It seems that Dorico doesn’t see font styles other than Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic in the Font Styles window. By the way, I’m on Mac as you can see.

Is it just the Preview in that window that is wrong, or is it wrong for the actual text on the page, too?

It is wrong for the text on the page also. Dorico 5 doesn’t seem to recognize those styles anymore if I choose them on the Font Styles window. If I select a staff-attached text on the page and select the styles on the pop-up window it works just fine.

Are you using the Google Fonts version, or the Adobe version? If Adobe, have you logged into Adobe Fonts or CC Desktop and confirmed it’s actually currently enabled? Adobe seems somewhat unreliable in recognizing what fonts have recently been used and sometimes offloads them to only work with Adobe apps rather than all apps.

I think I’m using the Google Fonts version, but I never had this problem with Dorico 4. I will try to use the Adobe version.

I also use the Google Font Cormorant very often. I don’t have the problem with D5. I can use every style of the font.
Strange …
Did you activate all styles with a font management program? Are they all in a suitable fonts folder?

I downloaded the family of fonts from Google Fonts and installed them on my Mac, then tried using them in Dorico. Everything looks OK:

Are you using the most recent Dorico 5.0.20 update?

Thanks Daniel! I was not using the 5.0.20 version. I’ll update and try again.