Light Vessel XVII

A track from my current project about my Danish ancestors.
Huge thanks to Joe Bush for his drumming and to my son Taylor
for the bass,

Earlier this month, I went to Denmark to take possession of
“The Gedsercaster”, a custom-made Telecaster-style guitar
constructed by Jakob Schultz, a luthier from the island
of Bornholm.

The guitar is made from some of the Pomeranian oak deck timber of Light Vessel XVII
(also known as Gedser Rev), the lightship on which my great-grandfather
Jorgen Jensen was the ship’s carpenter 1895-1915.

With the help of the Danish Museum, Jakob was able to present
the guitar on board the ship. With my son and one of my
brothers, I savoured a remarkable few hours in the epicentre
of Copenhagen. The event featured on TV and was also reported
in a few newspapers there, something I had not expected.

After the presentation, we enjoyed a short stay at Jakob’s home
on Bornholm and got a chance to know his wonderful partner
Gitte and to see his marvelous workshop.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Hi Jet, it’s early morning here in Oz and I woke up to this. How lucky I am. Lovely, bright track, the musicianship stands out - you Joe and Taylor make for a fantastic group, tight and full of the nuances you only get from experience.

The guitar sounds wonderful, the track is perfect for the tele sound. I was thinking Jeff Beck and then you went jazzier and in the end it’s all Jet Crawford. Marvellous.

Great background story too - Danish TV star in the making.

All the best


Congrats Jet! Incredible story and experience.

Hi Jet, just had my first listen. Hit me right where it counts. Love it. Love the sentiment as well. This is a fascinating history, and even more interesting that your next generation is playing bass! My only suggestion would be to bring out the punch in the drums. Similar to comments I made about previous Joe Bush contributed tracks. Absolutely no criticism of the playing. It’s quite appropriate and satisfying, actually! But to be specific, a more compressed snare (4:1, 30 millisecond delay, fairly fast release, dialing back the threshold until you see 3 to 4 db reduction on the peaks), with its own appropriate reverb (plate), and maybe some similar processing on the kick as well. Well then, don’t accuse me of less than pointed advice!

Thanks so much for putting this one up!

Hi Jet,

Love it! The new guitar sounds great and your playing is very tasteful, as always! :sunglasses:
Taylor and Joe sound great as well.

Can’t wait to hear more new songs!


That’s such a great story, and lovely it captured the imagination of the Danish media as well. How did Jakob get the wood - I mean was it some renovation or something, given that the boat is still in existence? The guitar looks great, and what a fabulous way to capture some family history.

Really nice track, guitar sounds just the job, and the textures (piano/keyboard/reverbs?) really work well.


Hi chaps, thanks for your comments.

No doubt changes will take place to this track once the rush of blood subsides and I start to mix the whole album.

This was also my very first use of my Tungsten Cortez amp and I am delighted at what it can do with whatever guitar I throw at it.
I used all three p/u settings on the Gedsercaster too and am particularly glad I added a P90.

Jakob got hold of the wood during a restoration of the lightship. The discarded deck timber was lying on the edge of the canal as he happened to be passing by. The restorers said he was welcome to it. How’s that, and for my great good fortune.

I couldn’t get the Danish TV clip to run, unfortunately, but anyway, listening again, I really like this one, especially with the story behind it. Now was all of the sound from the Tungsten Cortez, or did you use pedals or any effects in software? And do you speak any Danish?

Hi Leon.

It’s entirely the Tungsten. No pedals. No devices. Guitar straight in, SM57 mic.
Hardware verb and delay at mixdown.
Very happy camper here.

While I eat Danish, I can’t speak it. :wink:

fantastic story ,so if the ship can be seen at Nyhavn, in Copenhagen still to this day, is there now a big chunk of decking missing which happens to be in the shape of a tele,it`s gonna need a safety fence ha ha ,absolutely lovely story and i am really glad for you this happened, is this a new way to chamber a solid body ,those natural missing pieces of wood on the body look great but also look a bit sharp ouch! .by the way great music as usual ,you have a style i recognize and like,keep it up. .

Thanks p.

The ship did actually sink once, but it seems my hole in the deck won’t cause it again.

Been in Australia for a month. Got home to remix this one.

I’ve actually eased off on the drum compression now.
I think I’d crushed them too much before.

Sounds great Jet. Good idea to remove any of the squashed/eq’d stuff I included with the clean tracks. I finally rebuilt an almost proper mix position and have just a few more things to tack on and iron out. The pics and video are cool as can be!

It’s great to hear MUSIC here made with Cubase rather than some people put together fuzzing and distorted noises with heart pressed basses and call them self composers and musicians.

I really enjoy this rock piece. Thank you! I’m from rock city Liepaya (Latvia), but my style is electronica :slight_smile:

Hi AN,

glad you liked the track and thanks for the listen.