Lighter color scheme

I’ve noticed that Cubase 10 does an awesome, smooth job at transferring my settings from the last version. This really eases the headache of setting up the new version, as I didn’t need to really change anything, EXCEPT one thing: I still had to change my color scheme to how I had it in the previous version. I like having a lighter color scheme for some of my windows.

It would be great if we could extend this smooth transition to include importing project color settings from the previous version.

Have you checked under preferences? Pretty sure one of the tabs lets you control the colour scheme for those.

Oh wait… you’re right! I guess it was right in front of my face the whole time hahahaha. For some reason I was thinking that the option was in the sub menu for “Editor Area Background”, and for some reason I didn’t think to change the actual color for “Editor Area Background” as if I thought it was a heading title instead of a variable itself…

One thing I noticed was how well all my settings and key commands transferred over from Cubase 9.5. It would be cool if they could extend this to the color scheme as well. Maybe I will edit this post now to be about that hahaha

As soon as I upgraded, I noticed the default colour palette,in Cubase 10 had changed,only four basic colours to start with,instead of a whole bunch of them in C9.5 :astonished:
. But I managed to create a custom colour thats easy on the eyes.Still work to do on it ha,ha :slight_smile:
see below.
Any suggestions to improve the colour etc, I would be greatful.Go easy though I’m old and still a greenhorn in Cubase :laughing:

Dont forget you can save your preferences, so you can load up different colour settings. Also some of the colour menu preferences are expandable so you can just about customise everything apart from text and buttons (as far as i know)

With Cubase 10 it is possible to customize the colors very extensivly. The good thing is that many of previously hard color-coded elements like the Media Bay are the part of overall custom color scheme.

The biggest problem though are the automation lanes. By choosing lighter colors for project area background the volume lane without automation is barely visible.
The color of activated automation lane on the other hand is dependent on the color of the track, it belongs to. The default color of events is dependent on the color of the track as well. It is very difficult to find the right color for the track to have the events being not to dark and the corresponding automation lines being not too light and still to bee seen with the lighter background.

In order to achieve this ballance and make the non activated automation lane visible as well you have to tinker with the color of the track AND the color of the background a lot. This is very time consuming.

By the way, is the an option to have a default event color, which is independent from track color.