Lights Fade Low 6-Track EP

Just pre-released my first EP… all made with Cubase 6.

This is a pre-release digital-download before it goes to iTunes and Amazon. The CD jacket will take another couple of weeks so it’s not too late to make changes if you have feedback.

Thanks for listening!

Very good, darren… great vocalist! My only crit is her vocal is a bit too brite/present…
Really nice tune – good luck with the release

Thanks!! Which track did you find the vox too bright?

The first one, and just slightly too “present”

I also listened to the next two, which were also quite good, and although the voc’s were pretty brite on those, too, it didn’t seem as hyped

Thanks for listening.

Any suggestions on specific remedies? Specific cuts at specific frequencies maybe?

Several possible explanations, but it’s always hard to translate someone’s perception into words:

  1. Most likely I just liked it that way and applied these effects intentionally :wink:. I’m big on ‘in your face’ style vocals and like them to be very forward and intimate like the singer is almost whispering in your ear.
  2. My mixing room isn’t acoustically treated. An early reflection issue might be causing me to not hear the offending frequencies (least likely)
  3. I recorded all these vocals with a Rode NT1, a mic which has been described as sounding ‘brittle’. I’ve ordered a fancy new Tube Condenser mic which is likely being burned in right now. (!!) So next EP will have a different vocal character.

Hiya Darren, “Touch” is too quiet for me at the beginning, you’d probably get away with a few db there til the band come in. I listened to the other tracks too, they sound fine :sunglasses:


Thanks Phil! Yes that’s how I had it originally, more even–less dynamic range. But I wanted it to feel so much bigger when the piece opens up. It starts out processed like an old record played on an AM radio and then comes in big after the first half verse. The dynamic range is used more in this piece than any other I’ve written/produced and means that it’s pretty quiet at the open relative to the rest of the EP. It was a bit of a risk, I’ll admit :wink:

Very nice, but you already know that :slight_smile:
I like the album art too, although your name could be just a bit bigger I think. I like the subtle blueish smoke from the flame :wink:

Thanks. My female vocalist, Aradia, not only has a voice to die for, but she’s also artistically talented–she took my original double-L + flame idea and made it great (as she does when she replaces my scratch vocals with hers).

Quick note the EP is now in full release – you can buy the CD or MP3 version on Amazon and it’s also available on iTunes. Links at