Like a DUMMY i bought a disk of cubase LE5 as I could learn from an engineer

hello Im about to literally CRY I have downloaded a whole day only to see Cubase LE 5 is not supported.Its Old but a professional engineeer is willing to teach me pay of course.but all i see on my installer is all the latest version.Like an idiot I bought a valed Dist from ebay…no code…no support but they say intall go to steinberger etc. QUESTION HOW CAN I INSTALL CUBASE 5 ON A WINDOWS 10 DELL INSPIRON Lap top…I feel so stupid.a whole day wrestling to find no support…so how do i down load it i have a disk.thank you

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Cubase 5 has been released in January 2009. In that time, Windows 10 wasn’t at the market at all. So the developers couldn’t make it Windows 10 compatible.

I will send you Cubase LE 5 installer via Private Message. You can try to install it “on your own risk”. Of course, you need code to activate it.

I have managed to get Cubases 6 LE installed on Windows 10 without any issues but I can’t vouch for version 5 but you can try running in Compatibility Mode for an earlier Windows version like Win 7 or late edition Win XP: