Like Kisses On Your Skin


thank you for your very kind comments.
Am glad you liked the tune.

My inner jury is itself still out on the
gain factor. Have tried to reproduce the
part recently but my steel voicings evolve over time
and I’ve not actually kept track of them,
so no idea what the tuning was early last year.

I’ll have to go with it as it is.

Cheers and thanks again,


Hi Jet,

I seem to have missed this one, I’m glad I took a listen.

I can hear your love for Popo in this song…

I’m glad you’re back and posting new pearls! :sunglasses:



You never cease to amaze me. Your lyrics here are truly wonderful - poignant, beautiful - (only gripe is the spelling of conjure - but that’s just the picky teacher in me - of course if conjour is what you wanted then I apologise).

Great song though, and the solo was set up really well and fulfilled all expectations.


Hi Jonathan,

thanks mate. I am happy you liked the lyrics.

Not sure how I managed that typo…too much
vino maybe. :confused: :laughing: Anyhow, fixed it.

Great to see you’re back… take care. :sunglasses:


thanks for your kind message, :wink:


Excellent song. I really liked your intro. Those tremolos and vibrato sounds – whatever you’re doing there. Nice fade-ins.

Thanks for posting.

Hello Stephen,

thanks for listening and for your comments.

The fade-ins are lap steel chords reversed and tremmied
to suit. They are what my son once labelled “rhinoes”,
and since then that’s I call them. The trick is to make
them long enough so they crescendo sufficiently and can
be dramatic enough at point-of-termination. I often
do them in layers of harmony chords for max depth.


Refurbished my Otari (new heads, fresh re-calibration
in the factory in Japan…thank you Ted Hora).

Fresh mix to ATR tape with Dolby SR @ 15 ips.

Merry Christmas to all!

A bump on an anniversary.

+1 again.

Listening again and enjoying the music – the playing, the lyrics, the excellent production values. Good website, too.

Thanks for describing some your techniques and performance considerations here in geek space. :slight_smile:

Take care for now.