Like Kisses On Your Skin

A long time in the making.

For Popo.

Listening now. Yes, I’m up early. :slight_smile:

As usual, the production quality is extremely high. You, Lenny, Kim, and others who I’m sure my lack of caffeine is causing me to overlook certainly make it difficult for “ordinary Joe’s” like me to stand out. Hahaha

I like the use of dynamics in the short space of a measure of two in the beginning to create / resolve tension.

If I’m not mistaken, you’re using a slide on the solo. That’s a tasty piece of work.

My only critique would be that the bass, while presence, is too “mellow” in terms of how it sits in the mix. What I mean by that is that, if you listen for it, you hear it and it sounds great. But lately I’ve come to the conclusion that the drums and bass can’t simply “be there” but instead need to demand a bit more of the listener’s attention. As that statement pertains to this mix, the moment you stop listening for the bass specifically you forget that it’s there.

Great song overall, and a great tribute to Popo. :slight_smile:

a very nice tribute

Speechless, fantastic mix, wonderful tribute.
Your stuff knocks me out

Truly enjoying this one. The lap steel sounds great. Beautiful composition and mix. So glad you’re posting again, with such moving tributes. Minor point; I would suggest you give consideration to the bass line, especially under the lap steel solo, where some notes conflict with the harmonies above it… but of course that’s a composer’s choice! (in particular 2:07, 2:32, 3:21, a few other places where it’s a G, but the lap steel just played G#).
Thanks for posting this one.

Also, what an amazing image on the web page, I wanted to add.

Oh yeah, now I remember that Jet owns a lap steel! :smiley:

Great lyrics, great production…beautiful tribute…

the forum seemed to be falling apart just recently…seems to be coming together again :slight_smile:

Hi Larry,

thanks for your comments.

Not sure exactly what you mean about the bass.
I’ll just fall back on the weazle defence of “it
was the best I could do”. :blush:

I was happy with the lap steel break.
I always enjoy the challenge of finding
where the notes are. :laughing:


thank you for listening. :wink:

Hello Kenny,

thanks for your very kind comments.
I hope you are enjoying the new summing device!

Hi Leon,

thanks for listening to the tune.

My muse is still there, thankfully.
She comes to me now and then
and shines a light.

I tried very hard to get the steel right.
It’s a 1950 Dynamic. This piece was done
using a pick, but I might go back to
fingers in future. I’ll see how it goes.
Ethos pedal, but I’m still trying hard to
decipher its gain.

As to the bass part, well let’s just call it
_Divers_ification polycomplex. Or maybe
it’s just a complex. :laughing:

P.S. must get a fresh copy of your album.
My old computer drives all fried and your
stuff was parked there.

Oh…as to the image…well I found that
from an image search. It’s actually a free
wallpaper, so I had no reservations in editing
and using it for my theme pic.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for your kind remarks.

I work hard on lyrics and I’m glad
you liked them.

She was a beautiful muse.

See you 'round the barnyard. :wink:

I’ve missed having you around. I’m glad you’re back.

Coincidentally (not really very coincidentally since it’s in rotation), “Forever” was playing on the iPod today.

To me the pedal steel sounds great on this tune.

Just go to

to get a fresh copy of Incontinental Breakfast.

Larry, you are very kind. :wink:

Leon, I see. Thought I might need to re-purchase.
Will go there once I sign off here.

Did you mean the steel in Forever or the one in this post?

Oh, you don’t have to repurchase; you just go download it again. In any case, you can just put $0.00 in the price; I have plenty of freebies left.

I was talking about the lap steel in “Like Kisses On Your Skin”. Sounds great.

beautiful tribute. great tune ,lyrics are wonderful,i like the swells in the song they are very effective, slide is great maybe a touch too much overdrive for my taste but that’s just me, great vocals.your songs paint lovely pictures.