like the idea of the "little" improvements like in range selection tool

wish steinberg make more of the “little” not so “glorious” features,like selecting the events after a range selection cut now present in C11.(well done)
so simplifying workflow and reduce clicking in all areas of the program (editing,composing mixing etc…) are most welcome,
this are the things that are repeated hundreds of times in a day work can ease the work a lot.
a dedicated team for these would be awesome to make cubase workflow better with improvements to existing old tools and new ones with more improvements for these “little” things in each update and even between paid updates.
just the “little” ones that can be gigantic for tedious repeatable chores

Can you tell me what feature this is?
its a little one, but imagine editing 100 different selections, and avoiding to select them again after any time you cut/split a range ,to make processes,adjust clip gain,make fades etc…

is this a preference?

im not sure, i didnt update yet from 10.5,just saw the feature on youtube.

I hope it is because I already had a macro worked out for this, and might prefer keeping the classic behaviour to do quick successive splits.