Like the update but heres a Few things

There is a few things that bother me. Not sure if i havent figured them out in preferences or what.

  1. Track colors keep defaulting to grey no matter what setting i choose
  2. The meter on the workspace appears like a mono track so if you pan the track left or right, you cant tell quickly by looking at the meter on the track cause the meter is not split by left and right. 6.5 splits the meter.
  3. I’ve set the fade as default the way i want but it keeps reverting back to the cubase default. While the current project is open, it works correct but not sure if it reverts back after opening new session or shutting down cubase completely. For whatever reason, C7 crashes on me when i close an open session.
  4. When i export a mixdown, i have to change it from 48000/32 to whatever i want. In 6.5, if i change the export to 441000/24 for example, it stays that way for every project unless i change it.
  5. It does not move as smooth as 6.5. I feel like theres lag when i click on certain things like the “e” etc.
  6. Dont like the mixer defaulting the faders to the smallest possible. Though im sure thats something i can change.

These are just a few things ive noticed without thoroughly testing or opening old projects. If anyone has any suggestions or answers to these, please let me know. Other than these few things, i love it! Thanks!