Limit the number of Audio Inserts displayed in the Inspector

The Audio Inserts panel, which is hard-coded to display all 16 insert slots (regardless of how many are in use), takes up nearly the ENTIRE vertical height of the screen. There’s not even enough room to display the Audio Fader when the Audio Inserts panel is open, forcing me to either open the Mixer view or, far worse, to try to scroll the inspector (which is horrible).

A simple and logical fix for this would be to either allow me to configure the maximum number of inserts to display or, better yet, display only the inserts that are in use, with only a single empty slot at the end for adding a new insert.

This dosent bother me.
But +1

Some smart folding wouldent hurt, at times there can be a lot of scrolling open/close tools.

But a tip from me. You can custom the layout of the tools as you please in the setup, put pins in windows you like to have open and save presets to fit the different stages through the session.

Maby this layout looks better for you?



I have a 4K screen so everything fits perfectly even with all inserts showing. But I do agree

At least half the code for implementing this must have been written already since it works like this in the MixConsole.
Add one insert/send in the MixConsole and a new box appears under the one you added an FX in.



^ This and +1

+1 but as an option.

+1 the more I think about this suggestion the better I like it.

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These 5 things are used more than anything else on a regular basis:

Volume fader
Direct output
Edit instrument

Because producers are constantly adjusting these 5 things, it would make sense for them to be shown in the inspector column without having to scroll up and down to see them all. I do understand that “edit channel settings” neatly shows all 5 of these, however, it is less convenient because the channel settings window is always getting in the way, covering up the arrange window, and covering up instrument windows. Constantly scrolling through the inspector window is slow to scroll, doesn’t scroll unless the cursor is in just the right spot, and makes for difficult navigation.

Right now, if I choose to show only those 5 things in the inspector column and hide/minimize everything else, I am only able to see the inserts and half the sends before I need to start scrolling up and down to see everything else. This makes the UI difficult.


  1. Make the sends smaller in height to make room (the same height as the inserts would work well). Now we would see all inserts AND all sends
  2. Since volume is always being adjusted, pull the small horizontal volume fader out from underneath the inspector track name, and insert at the top
  3. Add a pre-gain fader just below the volume fader
  4. Edit instrument button via inspector is already available and can be minimized to only one column to save space, so that is already perfect
  5. The direct output/routing name should be shown above the volume faders, which can jump to the output track when command+clicked
  6. Make the inspector column width adjustable so that the insert names are not cut off so short

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate all you guys do. Hopefully maybe one day all this will be possible : )


I like how LogicX has this designed, it shows only the slots of how many inserts you have, no extra empty slots. Very smart