Limit the number of (visible) Insert slots - Inspector.?

Do I have to have all 16 slots visible all the time…?

Also, you can’t hover over these slots and scroll all the panels up and down. I like to have the Fader panel ‘pinned’ open; now with all these insert slots, the Fader is only a quarter visible on first opening. Got to find just the right little blank space to hover the mouse, then am able to scroll… :frowning:

Screen resolution is only HD (1920x1080) on a 22" monitor, so not got vast amount of screen real estate.

I totally agree with this. All those unused insert slots consume the ENTIRE vertical space allotted to the inspector, rendering it useless for displaying other subpanels. This is a key feature for me, and I’m not happy about losing it.

I’ve requested the inspector work like the mixconsole where you can have a mode that just shows inserted effects +1. With the boost to 16 inserts this becomes way more important. Lets hope Steinberg get round to this approach at some point.

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