Limit to number of players in Dorico Pro 3.5.x?

I’m not sure I understand what is meant by “than this version of Dorico allows” in the screenshot of this message below. Is there a version of Dorico that does allow more players? That’s the implication. But Dorico Pro is the full version. To boot, I had previously been working with this score and never got that that message before. A little help would be welcome.
Dorico player limit notice

Did you inadvertently hold down one of the modifier keys (Shift, Alt/Opt, Ctrl, Cmd) when opening Dorico? I’m not sure which one does what, but holding down certain of these keys allows a user to open Dorico as one of the lower versions (SE and Elements). Those versions do have limits and you would get a warning such as you have shown if the project being opened exceeds those limits. This capability is handy for testing a project in each of the Dorico versions.

I don’t think so. I use a Stream Deck launch button to start Dorico. However, I decided to do what I have done whenever Sibelius acts up (usually after some system software update). I updated the eLicenser. That did the trick. In fact, I was wondering whether it was only a matter of time before Dorico did it. And there it was.

For your own info for the future, restarting Dorico itself would be another good thing to try - as Steven says, it’s possible to start up Dorico as a different derivative by holding down modifier keys during startup, so it’s possible that you’d started up Dorico as Elements or SE, both of which have player limits (12 and 2 respectively).

I restarted Dorico several times and that didn’t solve the problem. As stated previously, I use a Stream Deck button as my shortcut to open Dorico. The problem was solved by updating the eLicense.