[Limitation] macOS Universal Clipboard Support

I have a macbook pro and a mac pro.
My MacBook Pro is editing a heavier project, and I want to copy something from another project without reloading vst instruments between projects.

I use my Mac Pro to open the smaller project, selected something, copied to clipboard, and then went back to my MacBook Pro, tried to paste but found nothing pasted.

P.S.: I followed the instructions regarding macOS Universal Clipboard here:

Dorico, like most apps with their own data formats, doesn’t use the General Pasteboard to perform Copy and Paste actions, but a private one. There is currently no other application that can paste/copy the same data, so not much point in providing such a feature. (Cubase and Dorico use the Dragging Pasteboard for MIDI data.)

Only the General Pasteboard is used for the Universal Clipboard feature. It’s niche case, and not something Windows users can benefit from.