Limitations of Cubase Pro 12 Try

I would like to know if Cubase Pro 12 Try has the limitation of saving Mixdown Audio as it is happening to me: I have not found information on its limitations. The window that appears by selecting File>Export>Audio Mixdown is partial and the tabs at the bottom necessary for saving do not appear.
is missing tabs Export Audio
N.B. my Cubase Pro 11 Trial Version also has the same problem.
Can anyone answer me? Thanks :grinning:

No. But if you have a small screen they could be hidden below the bottom of the display.

So what is the resolution of your display?

My PC resolution is 1366x768.
The problem occurs only with the Window Mixdown Audio .
On the PC I have installed 3 other Home Recording Software and with them I don’t have this problem.
With Cubase Artist 11 File >Export> Mixdown Audio all is OK
If I don’t solve this problem, I will have to give up uploading to Cubase Pro 12.
Thanks for the reply :grinning:

The recommended minimum resolution for Cubase Pro 12 is 1440 x 900.

System Requirements for Steinberg Products | Steinberg

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If I understand correctly, in the window Mixdown Audio of Cubase Pro 12 more functions have been inserted than Cubase Artist 11 e 12, such as “Export Range” which makes the window wider vertically. This condition makes it impossible to use Cubase Pro 12 with a standard Desktop PC like mine with a 1366x768 display.
Thanks for the explanation. :grinning:

I would consider that to be on the small side, especially for a “Desktop PC”. 1920 x 1080 I would think to be more “standard”.

Anyway, I believe this is the problem you are facing. :neutral_face:

You’re right. I correct myself mine is a 15.6 "Notebook PC purchased 4 years ago. Back then that was the standard, now it’s as you say 1920 x 1080. Now it’s all clear. Too bad!
In Cubase Pro 12 is it possible to obtain the Audio Mixdown using some alternative command to File-Export-Audio Mixdown, or to reduce the size of the Audio Mixdown Window, or to replace the file to obtain the reduced window like Cubase Artist 12?
Thank you very much for the quick reply. :smiley:


I tried by a friend of mine to reduce his computer’s solution to 1440x900 and to see if the Mixdown Audio window of Cubase Pro 12 was regular and I found that it was showing incomplete downwards like in my Notebook: Cubase Pro 12 (and Cubase Pro 11) want a resolution greater than 1440x900 indicated in the Steinberg specification. You can try it too!

I think a report to Steinberg is needed.

Yeah, I just checked it out myself. Both 1366x768 and 1600x900 are too small to display the Audio Mixdown dialog on Windows 10. For what it’s worth it definitely fits at 1920x1080.

Sorry. Post was deleted due to a misunderstanding.


I am happy with your answer. It is necessary to report to Steinberg that the resolution specifications for Cubase Pro 12 are higher than those stated, because otherwise someone could buy the program and not have the PC with the resolution necessary to use it. The best intervention would be to move the additional “Export Range” command currently present in the Audio mixdown window into a sub-window. For now, I will only buy the Artist 12 to Pro 12 upgrade when I change the Desktop (in a couple of years).
A hello from Florence! :grinning: :smiley:

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