Limitations of time-stretch and pitch shift

Limitations of time-stretching and pitch shift

The addition of real-time-capable time-stretch and pitch shift featuring zplane’s élastique 3 in Cubasis 2.0 gives you countless options to creatively work with audio files on the fly.

These new features enable you to easily tempo match audio loops to your song’s tempo in real-time or individually change the keys of your project’s audio tracks.

Please note that the performance of real-time time-stretch and pitch shift depends on many factors such as the iPad model you use as well as the sample rate, the hardware latency project setting, the number of tracks and instruments and effects used in your project. In addition, using inter-app data streaming technologies such as Audiobus, Audio Unit and Inter-App Audio along with a number of assigned instrument apps has a significant impact on the performance of your iPad.

Depending on what iPad you use, the number of tracks that contain time-stretch or pitch shift and the complexity of your project, will sooner or later provoke performance limits.

There are several options to improve performance if you encounter performance limits with time-stretch and pitch shift:

• Select Setup > Audio > Hardware Latency and choose Medium.
• For best CPU efficiency select Stretch > Auto > Mobile.
• For best resulting quality select Stretch > Auto > Pro and freeze individual tracks or the entire project.
• Use the Freeze function to render tracks into audio tracks.
• Reduce the number of instrument tracks and effects used in your project.