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Hi everyone, especially @pianoleo @Lillie_Harris and others who were kindly helping me on another thread, and I overdid it a bit, posting more replies than I was allowed to!
I’ve now got to wait another 3 hours before I can post on that thread again.

But I think the problem is now undoable as I followed @pianoleo sound advice to check borders were on in Sibelius, re-export XML and re-import into Dorico ensured the rehearsal marks all had borders in that file.
The problem is, in all new files, and I’ve tried creating them with all methods; from scratch with File>New, from the Hub, and from the templates, and all new files sport border-free rehearsal marks.

As I’m only using Elements at the moment which doesn’t allow me to change Engraving Options and bearing in mind the default setting for rehearsal marks is to have a border already, this is pretty strange behaviour, allowing Dorico to remove the rehearsal mark borders but not allow the user to re-establish them!

So, if I uninstall Dorico and then re-install it, would that fix the problem? I’d have to make sure that any XMLs I import into Dorico have borders specified on rehearsal marks in Sibelius before exporting the XML.

I’ll give the uninstall/reinstall a go and then post if it’s worked. If it doesn’t work, then I’ve no idea what to do, other than pay for Pro when I don’t need it. I doubt I’d ever need more players than a big band.

More soon

I’ve already answered your (basically identical) post on Facebook (here). When posting in both places, please link to the thread at the other place to reduce the likelihood of multiple people spending time on the same problem, and please do keep an eye on replies. Thank you.

I’ll post my Facebook reply here, too, though, to increase the chance you’ll see it before you reinstall Dorico:

“Application preferences are stored in a folder at the user level that isn’t touched if you uninstall or reinstall Dorico, so don’t bother reinstalling Dorico - it won’t have any effect. Are you on Windows or Mac?”

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Wendy, I’ve not yet seen your earlier posts (I didn’t get a chance to look at the forum yesterday, so I have a lot of threads to catch up on), but I just wanted to extend a welcome to you here. While it’s helpful if you’re able to post a link to another place you’ve asked the same question, please don’t worry too much about it. (In case it’s helpful to know, on Facebook, you can get a link to the discussion by clicking the grey text that says when the post was made, e.g. that says “28 Jun” or whatever, which will take you to a specific URL for that post, which you can then copy from your browser’s address bar.)

It’s odd that you should have ended up with rehearsal marks without borders. If you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico on your computer, it will save a zip file on your desktop. Please either upload that here or send me a private message with it attached (click on my name, then click the blue Message button), and I’ll take a look to see if you do somehow have some saved settings that would cause this to be happening.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back @dspreadbury
Here is the diagnostic report
thanks for your help!
Dorico (767.6 KB)