Limiting the effect of insert tool


Is there a way to limit the effect (for the lack of a better word) of insert tool?
For instance, i have a note in the middle of a phrase (and this phrase is in the middle of a piece) and i want to make it a little longer using Shift-Alt-rightarrow, and i want to keep all the notes that follow it, only push them to the right. For that i switch on the Insert mode, and, as expected, everything to the right of the given note, gets pushed further on. However there is a place in the score later on, that i need to keep as is.

I do realize i can create a new flow at the point i want to keep intact, but that seems too much.
Also i can simply move (Alt-rightarrow) the notes after the given note to the right beforehand, but i wonder if there’s a neater way.

Hi Edgars.
This has already been requested and the team is thinking about something, as this request is perfectly valid and understandable.


You probably already thought of this, but for now you could insert blank measures before the beginning of the music you want to keep, a sufficient number to hold your additions.