Lin Dither V UV22HR

Hi, hope this isn’t a daft question?
can’t find UV22HR under Mastering,only Lin Dither, is this a replacement?

Seen some posts on here saying “dont even need it”


The new Lin One dither completely replaces the old UV22HR dither. Lin Dither will be loaded in its place if you load a project that used the UV22HR plug-in.

UV22HR has been around since the 90s. It makes the assumption that your music will be played from a CD player, and so it uses extremely exaggerated noise shaping. This can cause problems if your music or sample needs to be reprocessed, or if it’s encoded to a lossy format.

Lin One offers both TPDF dither and basic noise shaped dither, both of which are much safer for modern production. Many mastering engineers use TPDF dither (Noise Shaping disabled) only.


Hi, thank you for that, is there more info in the manual on this, under Cubas 12?

thanks again

All Cubase plugins are documented in the “plugin reference manual” at

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