Line 6 Pod Farm does not load is 8.5.0

All of my previous versions of cubase are able to see pod farm as an insert. I have an error message saying pod farm not seen. I have checked the vst folders and it’s listed there - it is not listed in plug in manager. I have uninstalled and re-installed cubase many times to try and fix this issue - I did the same with pod farm. I am at a loss as to what to do next.
Thank you

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Hi BriHar, I did a major search and could not find an answer, others have problems with pod farm saving but no one has said they can’t even load it.

Did you install Cubase Pro 64 bit version?
Is your POD Farm 32 or 64 bit?

For anyone who has this issue… I have discovered that if you remove the .vst’s from the line 6 folder and paste them straight into the vst folder directly, it works… just remove them and put them raw in without the Line 6 folder in the path… It works!!

You should also be able to include your Line 6 folder in the Cubase search path as an alternative instead of moving the files themselves (probably how it was in the previous Cubase versions).

For me, I’m happy to have a work around. I won’t be going from Cubase 8 for a long time.

I’ve tried all the suggested solutions here and still can’t get Cubase 8 Pro to recognize POD Farm 2.