Line annotation - German translation

Just a short remark on “Linienanmerkungen”, the German translation of “Line annotation”.
An “Anmerkung” is a short explanation (written or spoken), so one always expects text with this word. Looking for hooks or arrows as an “Anmerkung” really feels strange. Unfortunately I can’t think of a clever expression at the moment. Perhaps something like “Linienergänzungen” (= “line additions”).

I’ll pass this feedback on.

How about „Linienanhang“?
But „Anhang“ mostly refers to something being added at the end.
A very simple translation would be to call it just an element: „Linienelement“
One last idea: „Lieniennotierung“ (more a line note)

This is a really hard one to translate, so I call for all the German speaking forum users to provide ideas. :smiley:

In Illustrator they are just called “Pfeilspitzen” (arrow heads) even if they can have any shape.
“Fischgräte” (fish bone) is also a quite creative translation of “chevron”.

Thanks, I’ll pass these on as well.