Line annotations Unicode limitation

I am unable to choose Unicode U+1F143 in the Unicode range in the Line Annotations dialog. I suppose that is understandable, but why does this dialog not support any Unicode glyph?

[It’s a boxed T, but anyway I need it upside down so I suppose it has to be done as a graphic anyway, but my question still stands.]

The reason is that the dialog is primarily designed to handle SMuFL fonts, in which case it needs only to allow code points up to U+F800.

I thought as much, but it would be nice,.

I find I can add such a codepoint in the Text category rather than the Music Symbol category.

That did not work for me with this high number Unicode glyph, hence my post. let me try again.

Yes, you should certainly be able to copy and paste any glyph into the Text tab there, and indeed on my Mac, using the Unicode Hex Input input method, I can type the code point for any Unicode code point directly into that line edit.