line breaks in project title

Is it possible to create line breaks in project titles or whatever token text?
For example: ‘Stringquartet No.4’…I’d like to have ‘No.4’ in a second line.
Maybe the best solution is:
{@projecttitle@} which would be ‘Stringquartet’
{@projectsubtitle@} which would be ‘No.4’

Just curious if there might be other solutions :wink:

You can copy and paste a line break straight from a word processor into any of the tokens.

You can’t input line breaks directly into the project title field, but I think you can copy and paste text with line breaks from another program (or the Other info field).

I’m not in front of Dorico though, so I can’t try.

EDIT: Leo was faster, as always. :slight_smile:

haha…thanx guys !
Got it. Now I understand. Just write it down with a linebreak in another program and copy paste it into the project info box.

  1. Open a Text Editor or Word Processor (i.e. any application you can write text in.)
  2. Type:


(on separate lines.)

  1. Copy both lines.
  2. Paste into Dorico’s Info fields.

Yep…just found it out. Thanx so much !

Some day this will be possible inside Dorico - I hope. Togehter with some basic formatting features like bold and italic …

That would be nice. Another problem with inserting the line-break into the project info: I’d like to have the title as header on every of my pages. Being a musician, I know that this helps a lot cause sometimes you have page number 3, 4, 5 and you don’t know of which piece :smiley:
So on my pages I often create a {@projecttitle@} - {@layoutname@} headers.
With the line break of the title being in the project info, I get this line break in every header of my pages - and there I really don’t want to have it.

So I think the solution, working with title and subtitle (as a line break substitute) is the best one at the moment.
Of course you could keep the line-break and just use for example ‘lyricist’ and there you enter the title without line-break and use it for your headers. Many work-arounds :wink:

The “basic formatting features” are a bit problematic, though, because you can already style the token texts as a whole in Engrave mode (Menu: “Engrave > Paragraph styles”). It might lead to additional confusion if things can specified and possibly overridden in different places.

That’s true, but at the moment I can’t use tokens at all, when I want to change the formatting inside the token text and inserting the text directly onto the page will lead to page overrides.

Just use the “other” or copyright fields to type it as you want and then copy and past up into the subtitle field. No need to go to another program; just use the other box that allows for line breaks first.

You could do this fine in Sibelius. We just need an extra layer of markup syntax to let us specify the line break, so that Dorico handles it. This is already vital for Tempo text, for example, so a blanket solution would be welcome.