Line breaks in staff labels


The house style that I have to adhere to is using abbreviated staff labels like this:


What is the best workaround for this? I think it has been discussed before but I could not find it…


I think the only way to do it is to use text frames in engrave mode.

Thought so… I will give it a try.

Unfortunately this method is too time consuming in this case. I attached the text to the end of the last measure of the line to keep the positioning as consistent as possible, and then copied it from there. However, the label’s position will change ever so little from line to line so I will have to adjust each one independently. In a large score with many transposing instruments that won’t work.

I am not writing this down to complain, just to contribute my partial solution in case someone else might refine it into a better way…!

For this project I have to open the other program… It is going to be painful.