Line breaks in tempo indications

Is it possible to add line breaks to a tempo indication? I’ve got an empty bar that contains a tempo change but it’s too long for the width of the bar (which I’ve already made as wide as possible)

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 15.12.37

Mark Barden, you can’t put a line break into the time signature - but you can fake it by using system-text shift-alt-x. Try to match size and font to the time signature, you will be able to input line breaks. But: for the metronome mark you will need a workaround - by installing Dan Kreiders’ special font MusGlyphs.
…[edit] or even easier: use the time signature just for displaying the metronome mark, and add the text via shift-alt-x. Then in Engrave Mode align both elements …

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