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I’m having trouble creating lines like the one bellow. (and I have to do all kinds of variations on this)

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 08.12.33

The problem comes from the line annotation editor which doesn’t let me use and end cap with an arrow and a + sign for example. It’s either one right ? Am I missing something ?

Ideally the arrow would be defined at the line level, and start end end cap could then be whatever we need…

Thanks for your suggestions

No need to do this as a line. You can use the circle articulation and modify the continuation line in the Playing Technique. Either globally by editing the playing technique or locally with the properties panel in Engrave Mode, I think.
Pro side is that it will also play back the switch (not the transition though) and it will not dissappear in condensed staves (as lines currently do). For vertical alignment you can group the playing techniques together.

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To much work and no need for playback.

I found a way using the musicsymbol line annotation for end cap but the arrow is not the same look.
I’ll stick to that for the moment since it’s better for my workflow
Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 10.49.35

by any chance, but I think you have already done this without being satisfied
to obtain

What you’re doing is definitely more work than the intended way.
By default if you create the circle and plus individually and then group them together you get an arrow between them (which works with any playing technique and eliminates the need to create countless sets of custom lines)

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Yes than you can supress playback if no need

Ah ok, that’s much better indeed…
Thanks Robin

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