Line in and outputs not showing up

I’m having an issue with Cubase detecting my headphones (USB) as an output and my mixer as an input (aux in). Wanting to record using the mixer but keeps picking up my headphones as an input and output. I’ve tried using ASIOALL4, FL Studio ASIO and low latency ASIO drivers, and cannot change/view all my input and outputs in audio connections. Appreciate any help.

Hello and welcome.
Cubase does not detect any audio devices like the OS would. You have to select an ASIO driver and Cubase will then talk and listen to that driver. What the driver does with the audio data is of no importance to Cubase.

You already found out where to select a driver:

Afterwards you need to open that driver’s control panel to set it up. The control panel comes from the developer of the driver and is therefore individual for each:

As a newbie to the forum you don’t have the permission to post a screenshot yet, but after reading some topics for an hour or so you will.
We would need to see screenshots from the control panels of the drivers that you used.

Thank you so much, i hadn’t clicked on control panel to set the in/outs. Its now working. Thanks again, life saver.

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