Line Out and Midi out Not Working

Hello everyone,

I’m in a bit of a pickle here.
I’m using the UR816 C with the latest firmware and software update, with Logic Pro.
And I’m having two problems which could be or could not be related:

Problem 1: Line Out Not Working

I’m simply trying to send a signal out of logic into a distortion pedal and back into logic to record.
I rooted the output of the track into Output 8 which should come out of line out 4-R of the URC.

I made sure to mute all the channels in the dspmix to avoid feedback and I routed every Line Output in the dspMix to DAW direct 1/2 etc

For the life of me I tried every kind of set up, mute/unmute etc in the dspMix and no sound comes out of this port.

Am I missing something?

Problem 2: Midi out not working
It’s a bit of a similar problem.
I created a midi track in logic with the output set to Steinberg UR816C port 1.

Again there is no midi coming out of the URC !

I’m not sure what to do anymore.

Many thanks in advance