Line output control

On the dspmix thingy I can’t see how to control the line output signal to my external effects unit. Is the signal level from these 4 line outputs (not master outputs) controllable? Or is it just constantly outputting line level from those ports? I’ve enabled all the audio ins and outs in the prefs of ableton already. I have put the external effects unit plug in thingy on a return tracks but in the audio from box I can only see a signal coming from 1/2 which I think is the master out. Hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeellllllppppppp!!!

I do not know Ableton, and work in Cubase, but I also use my UR816C ins and outs only for external hardware.
The outputlevel can not be controlled on the URC itself, but has to be controlled in the signal that is feeding that output.

In Cubase you have the option of making an External FX appear as a plugin, so I have an insert-plugin on a track that has my external tube-EQ for example (assigned to a certain input and ouput on the URC).

The level that is going into that external unit (that is an output on the URC) I adjust on that insert, that has a send and return level control option.
Only thing I adjust on the URC itself while watching the levels on the dspmixer is the signal coming out of that EQ (that is an input on the URC).

Hope this not too confusing and can help you.

Those 4 LINE OUTPUTS are controllable when using the Cubase AI 10.5, which is included with the UR44C.