Line outputs are unclear and buggy

Hi. Thank you for writing back.

Short answer: No.

I am using a mac, system 12.3.1, with my audio output going to Universal Audio Apollo hardware.
My audio output selection is Universal Audio Thunderbolt.

I can create a new “out” and send the metronome to that out (Out 4 as shown in the attached screen grab), but there’s no audible sound from the new outs I make. I can only hear audio that is routed to main.

There’s nothing really in the Mac software that allows me to route audio to different hardware components. I’d be willing to purchase a sub-mixer, or anything really to get this to work.

I’m sure I’m not the only mac user trying to use VST Live - and trying to get a click or metronome track on it’s own audio send - how can this be so wacky?

did you set in “devices/connections/audio…” the “out 4” to your audiointerface-output?

in my case its not connected, becouse my interface is not plugged


Oh, I’ve been there. Took me quite a while to figure it out, admittedly the same with UR44C.
You need to go to the UAD Apollo Panel (sorry, can’t currently look it up) and figure out how to set it such that DAW outputs 3+4 actually go to hardware 3+4 only, and not to out 1+2 (monitor). It’s not set like so initially. As said, the UR series require similar setup. Audio Interface manufacturers by default tend to set it up such that you can hear everything thru the main monitor.

Yes. I did - and have, no joy.

You need to figure this out yourself, sorry, can’t provide support for that. I got it to work once with the Apollo Twin USB, and it works with the UR44C, just tested it.