Line outputs are unclear and buggy

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but the outputs are very non practical… I noticed the main outputs are working OK, but the line outputs are not shown as they do in Cubase, and changing the outputs don’t really change the sound or duplicating it until I restart the system.
Also, is there a place where we can write down the list of bugs? There are quite a lot of them…

You may post bugs right here.

Could you please describe what you do and what you expect to happen?

I want to send to the mixer 4 outputs from my UAD. 2 for guitar and vocals from the main outputs, and 2 for playback and metronome from the line outs.
I add all the lines in the “connections” tab and add outputs afterwards in the mixer area. Then I simply route the tracks accordingly. The main outputs work great, the line outs are not responding and when I try to play around and see if any other outputs will work, it goes crazy (layers the sounds even though I just switch the connection, keeps the outputs active even after deleting). This makes it impossible to plan accordingly.

As for the rest of the issues, got a pretty big list…

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List of found bugs:

  • some of the plugins window settings are large by default, and cover the whole screen without the option of moving around. I need to change resolution to be able to drag and make changes, and even after changing the size, it randomly opens large again.
  • it’s annoying that theres no option to set a default input when opening many new stacks
  • some inserts don’t work at all for some reason (fabfilter pro Q 3 was one of them)


  • dragging the tracks is EXTREMELY slow and buggy, cutting change their position, cropping is OK but when you pull the cropping beyond the track’s limit, it drags the whole track
  • no automations are available
  • no tempo, marker and signiture tracks
  • zoom in and out are extremely clunky in comparison to Cubase. Zooming is happening from the beginning of the track, unlike the cursor position in cubase
  • follow is not working when moving the screen, and then it’s hard to find the location again due to the clunky navigation
  • not being able to define project’s length means you can zoom out too far and then the cursor is not even visible for some reason.
  • many key commands from Cubase are missing
  • no option to lock tracks. It’s absolutely necessary for live shows!
  • please make an option to change several track’s routing together


  • defining the lyrics length is hard. Couldn’t find a way to drag the length
  • please make an option to have individual size, color and font to specific lines
  • the whole lyrics ui looks very unfinished. To be honest, it feels like the whole software was released completely unfinished and untested.

These are the problems I found until now, but I’m positive there are a lot more in other areas… I saved just for this software and the outcome has been quite disappointing… Still, better than ableton, but unusable for live

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Step by step, here’s a first rundown:

I think you might want to use the “Notes” module instead. The Lyrics text is strictly bound to time. Font size is applicable at the whole which makes sense because of said contraints. Color is applicable for active and inactive text individually.
All that you appear to want is available in the “Notes” Module where you can size and color each single character if you like.

Tempo and Time Signature tracks will be available with version 1.1 as announced. Track automation coming later, many more key commands and MIDI remote also coming with version 1.1, as will be marker track import.

Can actually reproduce this with FabFilter, we are investigating, thanks for the hint.

I’ll look into the note section, didn’t dive in there.
As for the rest, this is exciting news! Will this version also fix some problems with the “Tracks” area? Also, a small marker that shows the location of changes and automations will be great!
Will the line out issues also be fixed?

Track automation will come in a future update, or with the version 2?

What do you mean by that?

You still didn’t explain what your problem is. “Line Outputs” - what do you mean? Pls. let us know what you want to acheive and what doesn’t work as expected.

Sorry, I only now saw the other post you sent about your UAD interface.
I have one here too, UAD is the audio interface, create Output in VST Live Mixer, route to any UAD output, route metro or tracks or whatever there and it works just fine. Try to keep it simple: new project, add out, route Metro to that output (e.g. line out 3), activate click, run transport and check signal, works fine here. No?

Probably before version 2.

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I think I know what the author means about the lyrics.
As you said, the Lyrics text is strictly bound to time. But scrolling in time from up to down is a problem, if you are used to read and perform the lyrics line by line or in blocks.
For example, a lyric line is two or four bars long. The last words in the line may no longer be read, because the beats went on. This can be very stressful during performing Songs with a high bpm.

It would be a great feature to handle the lyrics in lines or/and paragraphs of text (in blocks) (not to position the text to the right musical beat, but to position the beat to the text, like recording notes or controllers on a miditrack)
Sorry, I don’t know how I should describe this exactly:
maybe recording a marker will highlighten a part of the lyrics ( a line, or a paragraph) that has to be sung. The next recorded marker (on another song position) will highlighten the next choosen part of the lyrics … tbc…

I think the actual issue here is with Mac systems. In Windows I have no problem seeing “line 3+4” as additional outputs, but in Mac they look and behave differently

We were thinking about time markers in the Notes module. When transport reaches the time of such marker, the view scrolls to the text below, would that not be pretty much exactly what you request?

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Where at least two lines should be considered to have marked the lyrics and the chords arranged above.

… can you please give us some more details?

Thank you,

… fixed. Thank you for informing us.

See you

Nope. Doesn’t work for me at all.

I can’t figure this out either. You’d think that this would be a simple thing, I don’t want my audience to hear the click track, right?

I have a mac. I’ve imported my STEMS I created in Cubase Pro 12. I can see them all, and everything plays fine though the speakers. Great. Now, turn on Metronome so our drummer has a click, right? metronome comes though the main speakers. No matter what I do, the Metronome comes though the main speakers.
I am using UAD Apollo Twin.
Mac - UAD for audio - audio files (STEMS) in Live - how do I get the audio to assign so the audience can not hear the click?

I’m kinda dumb, is there a step-by-step that can show me?

pls try again with 1.1.55 here. Still problems?

Thank you, but that doesn’t work either.

I don’t see anything in the manuals that talks about how to route the metronome to a different output for the drummer.
Isn’t sending a click track to the drummer one of the key things that VST Live should do?
Any drummer performing live would need to hear a click, it’s extremely important. It’s the primary reason I bought this software. Without a click, what’s the point of this software? I could just use Cubase live, right?

with 1.1.55:

  • new project
  • metro on
  • mixer view: add out (should set top to hardware output as suggested - your drummers port)
  • Metro channel: set top to newly created OUTx channel
  • only drummer hears metro.
    Still no?