Line spacing in text?

I’ve got some text blocks with lots of text inside. I’ve created a paragraph style, but don’t see how to control the vertical line spacing. Is there a way?

Many thanks!!

In paragraph styles, you need to scroll down and adjust the “leading” property:

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Great !
Many thanks @Romanos !!!

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On that note: maybe it would be helpful for paragraph styles to show more lines of text, in order not to only be able to judge leading better, but also indentation of the first line and Gaps after paragraphs etc.?

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I’d like for leading to be an option in regular shift+x items (this was recently requested) as well as to have an APPLY button on the paragraph & font styles dialogues… I really dislike how the dialogue closes every time you try to tweak something. It would be a genuine blessing to be able to apply, see the changes, and make further tweaks before dismissing the dialogue outright.