Line tool pup up menu

I am unable to access the line tool pop up menu. The manual says:

“To activate the Line tool in any other available mode, click the Line tool and click again to open a pop-up menu where you can select the Line tool mode.”

This does not work. When I click on the tool, the toolbar goes away the moment I release the mouse button. I can get the menu to re-appear with a right click, but it’s impossible to click on the line tool again, because releasing the mouse causes the toolbar to disappear.

I’ve tried left-clicking on the tool while holding down the right mouse button. That works with the time-stretch tool but not with the line tool.

How can I access that menu?


This works a bit different while using the right-click toolbar.

When doing this, right-click to show the toolbar. Hold the right-click down, and long-left-click to the Line tool. The drop-down menu appear and you can change the Line tool.

Holding the right click down and then long-left clicking on the line tool is not working for me. That procedure works with the time-stretch tool, but not with the line tool. Nothing happens when I long-left click on the line tool.


Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you use common mouse or any specific mouse?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

To Martin and OP:

This is most annoying, both physically and workflow wise. Having to hold down the right-click while then holding the long-left feels horrible and if you “miss” you have to re-do it – and the wrong menu pops up and then you’ve lost your place in the edit.

What’s better is to use the number keys to switch the line or resize styles, etc. or to assign key commands or to assign midi controller buttons.

I wish this had never been done. :frowning:


I agree, it doesn’t feel nice and comfortable.