Line6 free cubase LE

Hey all, i"m really lost, I don’t know how to get the Cubase LE, activation manager won’t open, where did i go wrong?

What have you done so far? I have never owned a Line6 product but did some Googling.

Line6 has their own support pages about this and you need to register with them first. I assume the process would be the same for all their products that get packaged with Cubase LE.

First of all thanks for the reply,
Ive tried it, and read alot more, even sent an email to steinberg, they said i dont need to elicenser because my product is already registered and i just need to get to the activation manager and confirm it or something, thing is that the activation manager won’t open, I double click it and nothing happens, tried several times and even reinstalled it, nothing…

This shows you how it should work:

Yeah I saw it, but he can open the activation manager software while I can’t

Show some screenshots of what you are seeing. What operating system and browser are you using? Do you have antivirus software?

You also need to choose the application here. You need to give your broswer permission to open it:

That’s the thing, I’m not seeing nothing, no antivirus, windows 11 home edition, there’s a slight chance that i didn’t allow it, using chrome, how can i check and modife it?

Have you downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant? It also installs the Activation Manager.

Ofc, i have it all, activation manager just doesn’t react, i double click and nothing happens :confused: