I need help getting my lINE 6 HD500 to be controlled by Cubase.

I have set up a midi track on channel 1 in Cubase and in one of the lanes, changing #CC051 value from 0 to 127, which should turn on FS1 of the HD500. I have connected my PC to an AKAI EIE Midi / Audio interface with one midi out cable connected to the mid in of the HD500. I went into set-up on the HD500 and set it to midi channel 1. I have confirmed that Cubase sees the EIE on the midi output.

But when I play the cubase sequence, nothing happens on the HD500 when it passes the 0-127 trigger point.

Being a guitarist, midi is a new language to me, so please help me with a step-by-step set-up if possible.



after 3 frustrating days of trying to figure it out, I realized one must hit the R (read) button on the darn track.

Sweet, I was going to tackle this today on your behalf but it seems like your good now.
:smiley: Maybe I will anyway, it will give me an excuse to turn on the HD500

Sounds like something I’d do - 3 days of trying to figure it out for such a simple answer.

Only ‘simple’ if you know the answer, of course . . . .