Linear Fashion , More Cues , freezing multiple track , history log , flip tracks +

Hello ppl how i suggest these Feature to Steinberg .?

i think all we want this

-Linear Fashion (session view , Clip Launcher) like studio one, logic , bitwig , ableton
every part with specific plugins when i record LIVE with the Band with out stop the record between the songs and do another tweaks this is the Future

-More than 4 CUES for band monitoring (like other DAWS they have Unlimited CUES)

-RE Design the old gui in some windows , buttons , menus

-Re Organize the menu because now Cubase menu like a MAZE very difficult to remember and not easy to work

-Flip the channels mono to stereo and vice versa With one button (NOT THE AUDIO FROM THE POOL)

-UNDO REDO History log
like wavelab some times when deleting track accidently with alot of automations and tweaks and get it back from the pool its really painfully to do the edit again
also in vari audio really useful

-Freezing multiple track

- insert complete Copyright and authors metadata for WAV and Mp3, as in Wavelab

what u think about these features ?
All respect to you

TO : Steinberg Dont forget to Develop IC Pro For Android and fix the ios Version

EDIT: I am worng, as I could not find anyhting related to multiple freezing on their ad page. Mea culpa.

At least this feature was mentioned to be in one of the next-next maintenace releases which means it should be free in v12. Need to dig it out and post the source

To be honest, I have cubase and Studio One, and despite my great love for Cubase
I am still fascinated by the improvements of Studio One and the addition of features in an organized manner, and even that the program itself has no errors or crashes solid as rock.
I am even able to use Studio One on my mobile and their application is available on Android and iPhone and works smoothly free , show page (Linear Fashion) , Mastering inside Studio one , alots of features

Unlike the Steinberg app on the iPhone only, I have tried it, it has been full of problems for a long time

I don’t know why all this.

Many of my friends left Cubase. When I ask them about the reasons, they tell you that they have suffered from problems and delays in repairs, and that other smaller companies have become in a very strong position and at a competitive price

I hope Steinberg will develop more and more, because I fear that if it continues in this way,
will be a glimmer of the past and cannot compete.

I, as a user, do not wish to leave Cubase and wish them to restructure some things and pay attention to the missing details and marketing more

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