Linear Phase EQ

Hi there,
a little off topic, but maybe an interesting point for a few guys here.
I’m looking for a linear phase EQ. Cubase has none onboard, so I’m looking for tips from you.

How about the Waves LinEQ?

Thanks, Matze!

Like probably also most of the other threads that nevertheless don´t belong into the Cubase forum…

How about downloading the demo…?

Save your money: See the “LP10” EQ here ->

FabFilter’s Pro Q can be turned into a Linear Phase EQ (though this increases latency) and you could get it for half the price if you’re a teacher/student. Highly recommended!

I think FabFilter ProQ in linear phase sounds better than Waves, or PSP equivalents. However, after going through a month or so of using linear phase, I went back to just using minimum phase, but cutting only. Linear phase IMHO messes with the definition/impact of the sound, and I feel that using minimum phase for cutting to push back the less desirable frequencies sounds way more natural. I was all excited about linear phase at first myself, but I avoid it completely now.

Good thing about ProQ is that it has a great analyzer and very easy UI for shaping the sound. Check out some of the tutorial videos they did on YouTube to see the UI in action.

I use ProQ and DDMF Neve EQ ripoff for my work. Even though ProQ does sound good (better than Eiosis AirEQ I used to use a lot), DDMF gets me where I want on some things faster and it sounds good for boosting.

One that I have heard good things about is Sonoris, but I have never used it.

I don’t know if you’d end up feeling the same way as I do about linear phase, but my advice is to keep your mind open and not to be fooled by the tech blah blah. I got sucked into buying a lot of stuff, only to find out I don’t want to use them later. :blush:

Tested and bought the Fabfilter EQ.
It’s amazing!

Thanks for the tips,

Yes, I love and own pretty much all of their plugins. Still need to get the Gate though.

BTW, I checked out the DDMF 6144 EQ Portico clone mentioned in a post above and it sounds great, especially for $30 USD!! Wow, I’m very impressed with it! This will become my go to color EQ.

Thanks Yutaka!

Totally recommend the gate, I got it in the pro bundle not thinking I would use it much but I am putting it all over the place, works realyl well and intuitively