Linear vs Musical tracks

A major problem with Cubase is when creating tracks, to set the default for musical and linear tracks independently for audio and Midi. 99% of the time I work with audio set to Linear and Midi set to Musical. I’m sure most people work like that? I am forever being caught out with my audio tracks being warped or my midi tracks not following tempo. A real time waster to repair sometimes.

I’m pretty sure most folks also set their Audio Tracks to Musical Timebase for most work. For tracking stuff like vocals or a band Musical Timebase would typically be most useful. Film folks, maybe not so much.

I wonder if you might be conflating Musical Timebase and Musical Mode.

Right now the Preference sets the default Timebase for all Track types. I suppose if you wanted to have different defaults for different Track types it would end up being a bunch of settings.

I’m not at Cubase, so can’t be specific but you could set the Preference to whatever you mostly need and then use a Macro and/or Track Preset to add the other ‘flavor’ when needed.

If you want Steinberg to add individual default settings per Track type you should add a Feature Request tag and remove the one for Cubase-11 as that won’t be getting any updates.

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Thanks for the advice. I will go tO FEATURE REQUEST
I think I confused the issue by stating than my audio was Warped. This is not the case.
If I import audio tracks and then work in midi, changing the tempo, the position for all audio in Musical Time base is shifted. If the audio is in Linear the audio maintains its position regardless of what I do with the tempo track.

Yes, that is the intended behavior. It lets you decided if you want the start of the Audio Event to be locked to Bars & Beats (for example, a band playing to a click) or to a specific moment in minutes & seconds (like a film composer placing a hit right on an explosion).

@digisol There are other times where the Time Domain of a track can be changed by a function, as opposed to the user doing it. For example, when doing Tempo Detection. So the default time domain for tracks becomes less important.

Maybe it would be better for your workflow to create a command with the PLE that sets all audio tracks to Time Linear, rather than request adding new default settings per track, as raino pointed out,