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Hello, I would like to suggest an idea to the developers, is it possible to create a “Crete Track”, a linear track which displays the Dbs at each second of the musical piece, a kind of graph to easily see at what moment the sound goes to 0 (A linear view), thank you in advance for your feedback

Just for a better understanding: :slightly_smiling_face:

Surely you mean Create and not Crete, the Greek island?
Dbs? Probably you mean dB (decibel), i.e. the unit for the audio level?
moment the sound goes to 0? 0 what? I assume you mean places where the level is 0 dBFS, i.e. max. level? (otherwise it could mean also 0 %, i.e. silence?)

If so, this would be a new Track Type that shows the progression of the audio level in time at the Main Output (Stereo Mix) with a visual highlight on points at which the level reaches 0 dBFS. Something like this:

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Btw, a new Track Type would require a change to the application and would therefore need to be tagged as a feature-request.

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I added the “feature-request” tag on your behalf.

The closest I can think of is the Loudness Track in Nuendo. It shows that, the loudness value over time, and with the ability to also register peaks that go above a set value.

I honestly don’t think what you’re looking for is that valuable, at least the way you worded it. If you’re looking for peak values really what you have is a mixed audio file in essence, just with numbers on it. But you’d have 44100 values for each second, which is a lot. If you skip peaks to get fewer numbers then which numbers would you skip? How do you know if you skipped something you needed? So that leaves peaks that are too loud or an average, which is loudness, and in those cases we already have Loudness Track in Nuendo.

Outside of that there’s just a plain old meter of course, as well as just recording the track and displaying its waveform.

I’m tired though so maybe I’m missing something.

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Or something like the new Loudness Analysis in WaveLab 12 (may be simplified):


@kamelaitaissa Yeah as @ASM suggests, Wavelab 12 comes very close to what you are requesting. Using the loudness visual analysis function, you can show all peaks above a user defined threshold, and a whole lot more.

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Yes you are right for the meaning, but as below for the design, for myself, it can show me where is my over level output, to reduce the right instrument…
Tks for your feedback

Hi Matias, you are right, Tks