Lines To Indicate Notes Relationship

Is there a method to input lines to indicate notes relationship in Dorico as shown in the following examples?


Well yes. Use the gliss ornament (select both notes, shift-o, gliss) and get rid of the gliss marking in the properties panel.

Hello Marc,

Thanks for your reply, that worked great. :slight_smile:

As luck would have it, on both occasions the first note of the glissando was the last note of the page so the second note was on the first note of the next page. This resulted with a line on the first notes with nothing visible on the second notes. I resolved this by changing the spacing in Setup so they both appeared on the same stave so the glissando lines now visibly link both first and last notes. I realise another option would have been to set the number of bars per staff.

Anyway I have my lines showing so that’s good.