Lining up bars with different time signatures

Dorico Pro Version (Nov 13 2022)

In bars 24,25 and 26, the Choir 1 is in (6/8) time, whereas Choir 2 is in 2/4 time. The bars line up nicely.

But in this screen shot from my attempt, they don’t

Is there anyway to get the bars to line up as in the top image? And two, how does one put brackets on the time signature (just entering (6/8) doesn’t work, whether with Enter or Alt-Enter)

You have to use hidden tuplets to achieve this because Dorico doesn’t currently allow you to specify the metric modulation between the two time signatures. There’s a good blog post on Scoring Notes that describes the process for doing this.

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That’s marvellous, you’ve both @dspreadbury @Lillie_Harris brightened up a grim November day here in sunny Stamford! With the performance deadline fast approaching, this will help enormously.

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…and you never miss an opportunity to say so!

Our ambitions remain as substantial as ever, but there are only so many things we can do at the same time. We will certainly tackle polymeter, polytempo and metric modulation in the fullness of time, but taken together they are a huge and challenging collection of features, we think similar in scope to the work required to implement condensing (which took multiple years). We always have much more to do than we have time and people available to tackle things, but please rest assured that these items are absolutely in our plans for the future.

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