Link a second room, Second PC

I need a mic room and amp room.
I have cubase 10 and elements in the main room.
I have a second PC with eithernet and WiFi and firewire.

Im not into Ipads, I have a PC tablet and also an entire desk in the mic room with a silent PC.

I was suggested Dauntay audio but that looks complicated.
Will a second copy of cubase work to get a room that I can remote my loud tube amps and get the signal back to the control room?

I have an android tablet and a 25 foot firewire cable and interface as channel 25~32
Help please/


Sorry, I’m not sure I have got your use case… Why do you need multiple computers? That’s too complicated. You would need to sync it. Why you don’t record all to one computer?

Martin’s right. Just use long mic cables from the room with the PC into the satellite room.

So for the second room I que up 10 seconds so I can walk over to the mic or piano?
Or can I use a PC tablet as a remote to start stop?

For the long mic cables I used a second interface and a 25 foot firewire cable, it has headphones and also effects loop. Not installed yet

I just thought I could have a copy of the screen in room two, was to much WTF I mean I just had no idea what was going on at all.


That still is nothing that will start running your 2nd PC.

Have a look at remote controllers (and remote controller apps) that work with cubase.
This is what you want and need for your purpose.

Can any one tell me the name of the software designed for a PC tablet with start, stop, transport and metering? I don’t need to mix just transport.

Looked but cant find anything new, official or not beta or home built, I would have thought Cubase had some setting, Wifi midi what is it called so I can google it>?


the cheapest solution would be a wireless computer keyboard. You can control cubase with this.

HTH; ernst

While this can work great, the range for the keyboards aren’t that large - so it’s dependent on the specific location.

Something like the iPad’s Metagrid for a PC tablet would be perfect, but I’ve never heard of anything like that.

You might search for an app that supports Mackie Control which you could then use to control Cubase.

Never tried myself, and you are not posting your OS, so…
How to use the Remote Desktop app to connect to a PC on Windows 10

That’s a good idea.

I perhaps don’t need to control as in edit, just transport and I hope not on a phone or Idevice.
So far I just press record and run 10 feet to the mic and hope the running does not scatter my brain.

I have a mackie controller but it has no display,

more to learn, I just have run out of room in room one, room two I had wanted to put the louder acoustic devices, piano, Rhodes, Tube amps. A touch screen with some transport is all I need.

You should be able to use TouchDAW on Android. Works well on tablet and even phone. It emulates a an MCU. I haven’t tried it yet with Cubase - but it worked like gangbusters in Sonar.

I use Unified Remote for this - I use the ios version, but it’s available for Android too (and functions exactly the same on either). It works over wifi, so range is obviously much better than a wireless keyboard, etc.

It lets you build your own remote to give you only the controls you need, and the layout, colours etc can be set up however you like.

I built a tracking remote that has rec, play, undo, click on/off, loop on/off and input monitor on/off, (screenshot attached). Works great.

Doubt you’ll find much that’s specifically designed for a Windows tablet, as it’s too small a market to be profitable to an app developer.

If you are really against even using a cheap, basic android tablet for this (and I’m not sure why you would be, as it’s probably be the best solution for your needs) then Windows remote desktop is likely your second best option.