Link button in Stereo Delay

I’m surprised that the built in stereo delay doesn’t feature a link button?

Any time I want a simple stereo delay, I have to duplicate the parameters on L and R channel, every edit has to be copied across, so it’s slow, especially when experimenting.

A simple L+R link button option would speed things up a lot.

I’ll bump this as I have had to fiddle around yet again today. Cubase no longer supports the 32 bit stereo delays I have and there is nothing that will simply delay both channels equally with a single set of controls. In a DAW at this level. Surely this is a basic tool?

There’s the MonoDelay, which is actually stereo if you insert it into a stereo channel.

Yes Romantique, I get that, though it is therefore misnamed.

What it doesn’t allow for example, is setting up a delay with filters, feedback, balance and then subtly shifting the left and right delay by a few milliseconds to create a thickening effect. Stereo delay with a link button would be handy, quick and professional