Link Channels then add VCA

So - in PTs I would always start by linking (or grouping as it’s called in PT’s) such as toms, overheads, room mics, multi miked acoustics, pianos, etc. that way I could control volumes for things that I wanted to stay together. Inevitably, when I wanted to bring the entire volume level of all tracks down, I could just select “all” and pull them all down. Simple.

Now in cubase, there is no way to link all these individually and also have them in a second link for an “all” move. I like the VCA option, but it won’t add - say - the toms if they are individually linked already. I guess I could group all those channels I want linked such as toms, OHs, room, etc…and then use a VCA but that’s ridiculous.

So - is there a way to have a VCA channel and have sub links within it?

I’d use a group/buss

VCA’s can be nested, so you could have a VCA for drums, VCA for vox, aso
Then make a VCA, that controls these VCA, that should give you some more flexibility.
Or just use groups as said :slight_smile:

That just seems like a pain in the ass and not as efficient as pt. It’s crazy that you can’t link within a VCA. Guess the workaround is to group all instruments as stems and then run them to a VCA channel. Just wish there was a quick way to link - say three toms - momentarily so you only have to use one move to pull them all up at the same time. But if you link them, it destroys the link to the VCA.

Can’t you just select the 3 tracks and hit “Quick Link”, adjust then deselect ?

This made me laugh. Mixing has never been so fast, easy, powerful, efficient, etc. People will always find something to complain about. Nest your VCAs. Problem solved.