Link cursor to edit regions

Is there any way to link the cursor to the regions wile I’m moving it in the project?
I’m sorry for my English but it’s difficult to explain it.
Let’s say like Pro tools, when you move a region the video window show you exactly the moment where you are moving the audio/midi region, and with this you have much more control to make the synchronization.
This is something really useful for musicians that work in movies, I don’t know why this option doesn’t exist in Cubase…

So after these small words my question, if I can link the cursor to the region that i’m editing I will get the same, it’s correct? so is there any way to do this or at least to emulate??



Afraid not pablo, that is a nuendo only feature.

Best workaround is to first highlight the part you wish to sync, then move the cursor to find your spot then apply command move part to cursor. Create a key shortcut for that command and it soon becomes part of you workflow.

Good luck.

thanks Kevin, I knew this was an option in Nuendo, I thought perhaps there is something similar in C.
Till now I was doing the same that you tell me, It’s a little slower but It works.