Link drum note length to global quantize


Is there a way to link the length of the notes in the drum editor to match the quantization grid? (i.e. quantize to 1/8 T will also make the note length 1/8 T.)

I have tried to find it by searching the forums and the manual but I can’t seem to find it.

The reason I want this is because when I program drums in 1/8 T, for example, and the drum map is set to 1/16 note length, I can’t use duplicate function (Ctrl+D) without the duplicated selection being inserted off grid.

Fixed Lengths in Op. manual.

I need something that is linked to the global quantization when I insert a drum note.

As I switch a lot between note lengths, (like regular and triplets) in the same beat, I can’t use the fixed length function as I would have to manually select and fix lengths of too many different parts.