Link error on doIdleStuff (CControl and CFrame)

I’m getting a couple of link errors in Xcode with VSTGUI 4.3 (in an AAX plug-in build). I removed “VSTGUI_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_METHODS=1” from my preprocessor macros in order to replace some deprecated functions (such as setValueToStringProc) with their newer equivalents (using c++11), but this one function is giving me link errors. I see in the headers that this is marked as VSTGUI_DEPRECATED, and in the source code it is wrapped in “#if VSTGUI_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_METHODS”. Since I’m not setting VSTGUI_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_METHODS any more, it’s obviously not compiling that function into the object file. But why is it still trying to link that function in the first place? How do I get it to stop doing so?