Link panners question

When I use the link panners function and change from balanced to combine on a track, the sends panners all suddenly go hard left and remain balanced rather than mirroring the tracks panning. Is that a bug? I assume so, as surely it should be central rather than hard left if it can’t automatically change to combine to match the track?

It’s annoying as I need to remember to go and check the send panning for any track I change to combined panner and then set them up as well. I don’t like having something that changes a parameter that I can’t see, (unless I have the channel settings windows open), and has such a big effect. I find myself periodically having to check every channel to make sure they are all OK. :unamused:


Actually, the Left panner of the Combined panner is the same as the Standard panner (you can see it once you try to automate it). So I don’t wonder, it jumps to the Left (because the Left-Combined Panner also jumps to the left). At the other hand, I would really expect to switch the Linked Panner to the Combined one too, and continue in the link.

Ah yes I see what you mean. Still annoying though to have to try and remember to always fix this issue if i’m changing pan type and already using sends.