Link plugin editor windows

I can find no way to link plugin editor windows.

The channel settings window links and follows the track selection but open insert windows do not. This makes using third party plugins very cumbersome in a mix - am I missing something or is this a “feature”.

I think you’re asking for something that has been requested many times but not implemented by Steinberg yet!

Yes +1. It’d be great if the plugins for only the selected mixer channel were shown while the other channels’ plugins were closed. Preferably too, only the plugins that we had open last time we selected the channel, i.e. a memory of which were open last time for each channel.

There’s been a number of times when I solo a channel, tweak its plugin only to realise that I’ve grabbed the wrong plugin window and I’m adjusting a channel that I’m not even listening to! A linking system would stop this instantly.


alt + shift on the (e)dit channel settings open them, ctrl+shift+click close them, there is shortkey “Windows:close all plugin” which closes all opened windows, the “Edit VST instrument” can open the track related ones