Link Ruler to Project


The ruler ist global. That’s annoying when switching from producing to post. Please link it to the Project.

Thank You.

It is linked to the project.
Don’t understand the statement. You need to explain it.

  1. Open a project and set the main ruler to timecode.
  2. Close the project and open a second project. The main ruler is now set to timecode.
  3. Change the ruler to beats and bars.
  4. Open the first project. The main ruler is now set to beats and bars.

Or is there a setting I don’t know?

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Yeah, but it won’t work for me. My main ruler is always set to what I selected in the last project.

Hi, I can confirm this behaviour, its quite weird:
For testing I created two Projects:
First I created Project B, ruler set to Bar and beats.
Then created Project A, ruler set to seconds.
Pic 01 Project A open. ruler matches setting
Pic 02 Project B open, ruler showing seconds, despite settings showing bars and beats.
Pic 03 setting Project B to bars and beats again
Pic 04 going back to Project A. Project A show ruler with bars and beats now despite project settings being seconds from last save.

Thanks for the pics !

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i can confirm that to.
i am on nuendo 11, dont know about n12.
i would see this as a bug, not a “feature request”.

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Yes, it is a problem. Ruler settings need to be saved with project. Currently they are not.
This is also true regarding Bars & Beats ruler settings.
Typical day:
Project 1 is a TimeCode project
Project 2 is a 16th note Bars and Beats project
Project 3 is a 8th note Triplet B&B project.

While working on project 1 you get a recall note for project 2. When you open P2 the B&B ruler has changed to timecode. You must reset to 16th (hopefully it wasn’t the triplet project). You go back P1 to find the ruler is not TC but B&B. You must reset your ruler again.

Same problem switching between the B&B project set to 16th and the other a 8th triplet. Original project settings are discarded and wrong ruler settings are displayed.

Please change so ruler settings are saved with the project. Thank you.

Curious where you are changing the counter. I usually have 2 counters open on the bottom. One is Bars and Beats and one is TC. I almost always change the timeline grid by right clicking on the playlist at the top and choosing one or the other. That does seem to be project dependent as I can’t remember ever having to switch it back.

I can confirm this behavior, too. However, if you hold down the ALT key and click on the TC or Bars and Beats display, it will toggle between the two.