Link score editor?

I have link editors checked. When I click on a part, the key and list editors change, but the score editor doesn’t. Is this by design, a bug, or is there something else I have to check to link the score editor?

It is by design…
When you open the Score Editor, you are in fact opening a Layout (and there can be only one Layout open at a time). If it were possible to change to a different MIDI Part, that would imply a different Layout (so, you’d probably lose any Layout modifications you’d made to the first one).

It may be by design but this is something that has always bothered me… in Logic for example the score editor will follow part selection like all the other editors as well. Maybe Steinberg can rethink their approach on this one in the future…

Anyway, one possible workaround now is to set the score editor as the default editor when double-clicking on a part, this way you just double-click on it and its content will be shown in any midi editor already open, including the score editor.

Parnasso’s suggestion is a good one, although in fact, even if you have some other Editor as default, all you have to do is press Ctrl/[Cmd on Mac]+R again, after having selected the new MIDI Part(s), and the Score Editor will be refreshed. This at least has the advantage of keeping the current Layout safe until you deliberately quit it.